emerald and gold bracelet

emerald and gold bracelet nomination.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/14k-Yellow-Gold-Diamond-and-Emerald-Bracelet-0-177×142.jpg 177w, http://all-usanomination.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/14k-Yellow-Gold-Diamond-and-Emerald-Bracelet-0-300×239.jpg 300w, http://all-usanomination.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/14k-Yellow-Gold-Diamond-and-Emerald-Bracelet-0.jpg 400w» alt=»» width=»229″ height=»182″ />The dial and the white gold bracelet are decorated with baguette-cut diamonds, set with the use of laborious technology of invisible bracing. Against this background, diamonds of classic cut diamonds in combination with rubies of baguette cut are clearly distinguished. Diamonds adorn each link of the wristband that surrounds the wrist, forming a continuous pattern. The folding buckle in white gold is also decorated with diamonds.emerald and gold bracelet

Total number of precious stones: 623 diamonds of baguette cut (about 27.48 carats); 1086 cut diamonds (about 3572 carats); 123 ruby ​​baguette cut (10.63 carats).

Caliber 16-250. Mechanism with manual winding. The back cover is made of sapphire crystal.
With the help of emeralds and diamonds of baguette cut in an invisible clip, radiant cut diamonds, emeralds, as well as pink and yellow sapphires in a krapanic clip, the skilled Patek Philippe craftsmen recreated the image of water lilies on the dial and body ring of white gold. The bracelet is decorated with emeralds and baguette-cut diamonds in an unseen tie, as well as with diamonds of classic cut in krapanna tie. Diamonds adorn each link of the bracelet, forming a continuous pattern. A folding clasp with diamonds.

Fully paved with diamonds, emeralds, rubies, and sapphires. Total precious stones: 2,831. Case, dial, and bracelet set with a total of 2,506 diamonds (~ 26.21 cts): 286 baguette diamonds (~ 18.27 cts), 13 drop diamonds (~ 1.58 cts), and 2,207 diamonds (~ 6.36 cts). Total of 67 rubies (4.13 cts): 32 rubies (~ 0.21 ct) and 35 drop rubies (~ 3.92 cts). Total of 64 sapphires (~ 2.99 cts): 30 drop sapphires (~ 2.78 cts) and 34 sapphires (~ 0.21 ct). And 194 emeralds (~ 0.66 ct). Rose gold.